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About Dr. Amin Yousaf

While traditional plastic surgeons do not have specific specialization in any specific surgical area, Dr. Amin Yousaf is one of the few Surgeon in Pakistan and Asia specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the Body and face. In particular in Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia & Tummy tuck Surgery Pakistan . To offer the best Tummy Tuck Surgery results, true specialization is required, and this specialization is the only way to achieve excellence in each branch of medicine. The development of Body Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery as a differentiated subspecialty has allowed a great improvement, advancement and improvement of aesthetic and functional Body surgery (tummy tuck in Pakistan). No one knows the anatomy of the body better than a true specialist in Body Plastic Surgery.".

The Dr. Amin Yousaf has Certification by the International Committee of Body Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery (IBFPRS) and the Ais Committee of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS), the highest international level in this matter.

Dr. Amin Yousaf has an exclusively private activity focused 100% on Tummy Tuck surgery in Pakistan, which he performs weekly. Recently now a days in his clinic in Lahore, Dr. Amin Yousaf received the award for Best Plastic Surgeon "Best Tummy tuck Surgeon in Pakistan ", from the Minister of Health, during the "2018"

Dr. Amin Yousaf receives many patients for Tummy Tuck surgery from all corners of Pakistan and abroad. His high specialization in this Tummy Tuck surgery allows him to offer an advanced surgical technique and make the process comfortable and easy for the patient.

Dr. Amin Yousaf is committed to research and innovation in the treatment of patients in his specialty of Tummy Tuck. The result of tummy tuck Surgery are his publications and his numerous presentations at courses and conferences..

Dr. Amin Yousaf

Tummy Tuck Pakistan – Abdominoplasty Cost Lahore – Fat Removal Surgery Pakistan

Abdominal surgery / abdominoplasty, Abdominoplasty is the medical term given to cosmetic surgery of the abdomen; Its purpose is the remodeling and body slimming, to give the patient a slender body, leaving a flat abdomen and a more waisted and attractive silhouette. It is also known by the terms of dermolipectomy, lipectomy or simply dermo. In English it is known by the term tummy tuck. Book Your Appointment for Best Tummy tuck Surgery in Pakistan

This surgery helps with excess skin that is produced by weight loss, by previous pregnancies, by sagging tissues, it also works on fat deposits that do not respond adequately to diet and exercise. It corrects a prominent abdomen by strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall , removes excess skin and also helps reduce abdominal stretch marks.

The result of this surgery is to obtain a more youthful-looking body, flat abdomen, firm skin, disappearance of stretch marks, aesthetic navel, as well as accentuating the waist and together with liposculpture the reduction of measures in the complete back, and the enhancement in volume, shape and projection of the gluteal area.

We love taking the time to get to know you and develop your personalized plan, often combining or adapting techniques to meet your unique needs

The best candidates for this surgery are those women who, being in good physical condition, have a localized deposit of adipose tissue (fat), flaccid skin on the abdomen or who have stretch marks, previous scars or loss of muscle tone. It is a procedure that offers great satisfaction due to the improvement in the aesthetic appearance.

Dr. Amin Yosuaf will help you achieve the image you want.

This surgery is not recommended for people who are obese, or for women who plan to become pregnant, since abdominal growth can significantly alter the results obtained.

The surgery consists of removing the excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen, while tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall. This operation substantially improves the appearance of a protruding abdomen. It is usually combined in almost all cases with liposculpture to extract excess fat from the waist region, the back, among others, also improving the gluteal area (with fat transfer), we call this abdominoplasty combined with liposculpture or lipoabdominoplasty.

When to consider having a tummy tuck?

The best candidates for a tummy tuck are women who, being in good physical condition, have a localized deposit of fatty tissue, flaccid skin on the abdomen or who have stretch marks, previous scars and loss of muscle tone, causing the image of a prominent abdomen.
We help you look great, now is the right time.
There comes a time when you can perceive that the efforts of diet and exercise are not giving the expected results, for not being able to change the appearance of the flaccidity and protuberance of the abdomen, this is a common problem, medical science offers you the abdominoplasty treatment.
The following are common reasons for deciding to undergo a tummy tuck surgical treatment :

  • If you have sagging, stretch marks, or excess skin on your abdomen that does not improve with diet or exercise.
  • If the shape of your abdomen has been affected by pregnancy or weight loss.
  • If you feel that your protruding abdomen is unattractive.
  • If your self-confidence was affected by the image of your abdomen.
  • The tummy tuck will restore your abdomen to achieve a flat stomach.
  • It will improve self-confidence.
  • You will look better with or without clothes.
  • You will have a younger looking body.

Consultation and evaluation for a tummy tuck in Pakistan?

During the initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals. Dr. Amin Yousaf best tummy tuck surgeon Pakistan will evaluate you as a candidate for a tummy tuck surgery and clarify what the surgery can do for you.

We work closely with each of our Tummy tuck patients to address concerns and desires regarding their physical appearance and discuss available options for the best outcome to help them make the best decision. Analysis of your goals and health status, both alternative and additional treatments will be detailed at that time.

You should come to your appointment prepared to take your complete medical history, All kind of Blood Test. This will include information on: >

Surgical details of a tummy tuck Pakistan

Abdominoplasty surgery can be performed in an accredited hospital, or in an outpatient surgery clinic. Most tummy tuck procedures combined with liposculpture take an average of 3.5 hours to complete. Dr Amin Yousaf also offer 360 dgree tummy tuck surgery at his clinic in Pakistan

General anesthesia is used during the procedure, or in some selected cases epidural block, it is considered an outpatient surgery since patients remain hospitalized for less than 24 hours.

For your safety during surgery, multiple monitors will be used to monitor your heart, blood pressure, pulse, and the amount of oxygen circulating in your blood. We recommend an overnight stay to maintain adequate surveillance.

Dr. Amin Yousaf will mark your abdomen to indicate the location of the incisions, the center of your torso, and the location of the repositioned navel.

The abdominoplasty incision will be above the pubis, at the height where the pubic hair begins, it is a long scar, another incision is made around your navel. The use of gels, creams or special patches is indicated to make your scar go practically unnoticed. Keep in mind that the normal process of your body remodeling the scar takes a full year.

In this Tummy Tuck surgical procedure, the excess abdominal skin is removed, in addition to strengthening the abdominal muscles, as a complementary procedure in most patients, liposuction of the back area and regions of the sides is performed, to obtain a better result.

The objective of Dr. Amin Yousaf Best Tummy tuck surgeon Pakistan and all the staff that make up his work team is to help you achieve the best results, making your surgical experience as easy and comfortable as possible.
Be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and stay with you for at least the first night after surgery.

Types of abdominoplasty

Traditional tummy tuck (also known as classic tummy tuck or total tummy tuck).

It is the surgery designed to remove excess skin and fat, located between the navel and the beginning of the pubic hair. An incision is made just above the pubic region, then the skin is released towards the upper part of the abdomen, leaving the muscular layer uncovered, which is reinforced by means of sutures in the form of an internal corset, continuing with the resection of skin and extra fat, the skin is subsequently lowered, as if lowering a shirt, to subsequently close the wound, which is located in the lower region of the abdomen, being designed so that it can be covered by underwear, Call To Dr Amin Yousaf for Best tummy tuck surgery Pakistan

The navel is repositioned and the incision is closed with intradermal sutures, which do not need to be removed. Before closing the incision, a drain is usually inserted to allow the dislodgement of blood and fluid residues that are produced by inflammation.

It is important to mention that the vast majority of patients are candidates, together with abdominoplasty, for liposculpture, as abdominoplasty basically treats the central part of the abdomen, through liposculpture we remove excess fat, improving the upper abdominal part, the waist , the back to this we call treatment 360 degrees. In this procedure , the gluteal region can also benefit through fat transfer to the buttocks, improving volume, projection and shape.

Mini tummy tuck (partial tummy tuck).

The procedure for a mini tummy tuck Surgery is similar to a traditional tummy tuck, but the incision is shorter, less skin is resected, and the navel is sometimes repositioned. It is a procedure most often used when the abdominal fat and prominence of the abdomen is found only in the lower navel area and in cases where the skin laxity is much less.

An incision is made just above the pubic region, the abdominal skin is lifted upward toward the navel, excess skin is removed, muscles are tightened if necessary, and the skin is closed with intradermal sutures, replacing with this the need for withdrawal of points.


A dermolipectomy is similar to a mini tummy tuck, except that it can remove more of the excess skin, but does not involve tightening of the abdominal muscles, the procedure is used for patients whose abdominal skin is looser and more excess compared to those for whom the mini tummy tuck is enough.

All forms of abdominoplasty are considered major surgery, are performed under general anesthesia, and require an overnight hospital stay.

Dr. Amin Yousaf on first consultation will evaluate your case indicating which is the most convenient procedure for you.

Risks of abdominoplasty ( Tummy tuck Surgery)

It is always necessary, as in any intervention, a complete medical examination and the request for laboratory studies to detect any possible anomaly that could contraindicate the performance of the surgery. A preoperative cardiovascular evaluation is also requested.

The rate of complications in plastic surgery is very low, since unlike other medical specialties, we operate on healthy patients and this type of surgery is always performed on a scheduled elective basis.

Smokers who wish to have a tummy tuck surgery should refrain from smoking for at least two weeks before and for a month after the intervention because smoking affects wound healing and the tissue recovery process.

Common side effects include numbness at the incision site, ecchymoses (bruises), swelling of the abdomen, labia (women), and scrotum (men), for an average of four weeks after surgery. surgery

Possible complications are: bleeding that can cause a hematoma (accumulation of blood clots under the skin), or a seroma (accumulation of fluid under the skin that may require drainage). As the wound heals, impaired healing may occur. It is also worth mentioning here the risk of infection, which in this type of surgery is described as less than 5%.

Putting the maximum of ourselves in your care represents a basic premise in our daily work.

Recovery after a tummy tuck

Most of the patients will stay one night in hospital for initial surveillance, the next day they are discharged home. A post-surgical girdle and complementary accessories will be used for an average of six to eight weeks.

It is not necessary to remove sutures, since they all remain inside the skin and are made of an absorbable material; It will only require the removal of drains, which are small tubes located in the dissection space and that exit through the skin through a small 4-millimeter wound located on the side of the wound.

In general, patients deflate 80% in the first 6 to 8 weeks

During the first days after surgery, you will be instructed to sleep with your legs bent and also to walk with a slight flexion of the back, this is in order not to put pressure on the closure of the wound.

It is recommended to eat less meals 5 times instead of 3, to eat a diet low in fat and irritants, so as not to cause abdominal distention. Postoperatively, refraining from sunbathing and strenuous exercise for the first few weeks is usually recommended. Medications will be indicated to prevent infection, to reduce inflammation and to manage pain; In addition to gel and silicone patch for scar treatment.

As a complementary postoperative therapy, the patient will need to go to postoperative physiotherapy, this treatment is intended to reduce inflammation more quickly, accelerate the disappearance of bruises, prevent areas of fibrosis, relieve contractures and return to normal activities more quickly

In general, they can return to their work activities that do not involve great effort in an average of 10 to 14 days. This aftercare is decisive to obtain the best result.

It is not a painful procedure, patients refer as the main discomfort, the discomfort in the back area, this due to the recommended posture in the initial recovery.

How much does a tummy tuck cost Pakistan?

In plastic surgery there are no established costs, the cost of a tummy tuck Surgery in Pakistan varies depending on the complexity of your specific case, the place where the procedure is performed, the type of clinic or hospital desired.

To evaluate the total cost, keep in mind that these numbers reflect: the fees of the surgical team (surgeon, assistant, anesthesiologist, nursing team), expenses of the surgical center, anesthesia, medical tests, medications, special accessories, complementary treatments and others. Miscellaneous expenses related to abdominoplasty surgery.

Average tummy tuck Surgery cost in Pakistan reported last year in Pakistan by various plastic surgeons range from 175,000 to 225,000 pesos.

A very important advice: if you do not have a budget that suits your surgical needs, wait a little longer, but by no means make a decision based on prices. Because it is considered an aesthetic procedure, medical expense insurance does not cover the costs of this type of surgery

Be careful when they offer you very low prices, since this implies a reduction in the quality or safety of the procedure that you will undergo.

Choose your surgeon based on quality, training and experience, these details do not cost.

Verify that your plastic surgeon is certified by the Paksitan Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

If you want to know specific cost about tummy tuck surgeyr in Pakistan in your particular case, do not hesitate to contact us on whats app 03222462221

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Best Candidate

Healthy Females and Males with sagging abdominal skin, loose abdominal muscles and fat in the abdominal muscles, due to age, pregnancy or massive weight loss



Length of Surgery

2-3 Hours

Length of Hospital Stay

1 to 2 days


Major swelling subsides within 2-3 weeks


Approximately 2-3 weeks


Approximately 2-3 weeks


Sutures are removed after 14 days

Back to Work

Desk Job 7 to 14 days


Light walking next day. Heavy exercises after 6 Weeks

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